I've always admired beautiful things. Even as a little girl. Fascinator and Hats have always symbolised glamour and luxury to me. As women, we go through times in our lives when those Jeans won't fit or that faithful dress feels tight but a Fascinator or Hat will never they let you down, they will always fit and will always make you feel special. 

I started making pieces organically. We had friends getting married in Somerset, I'd had my second child and was still carrying baby weight so I wanted something different and spectacular as my headwear; maybe to divert from the extra lbs I was carrying. But mainly to feel special. I couldn't find anything that reflected how I was feeling and the wonderful country wedding we were attending so I made something and that's how it has begun. Then friends started asking if I would make something for them for Weddings, Race days; and here we are.


Samantha Holmes

Samantha Holmes owner of Morris Milliner
Samantha Holmes- owner of Morris Millinery

I take inspiration from my surroundings. We live in Suffolk a beautiful part of the country. We're a very outdoorsy family so I'm aware of changes in the season, the way a sunny autumn day can create colour and warmth, the movement the wind creates amongst nature, the way a cold crisp day can make you feel alive. It's important to me that those little things can be reflected and in a small way, recreated.


I studied A level Art and Textiles and loved the power of developing sketches into fabric pieces with Batik and embroidery. I spent hours lost in stitching, dying, painting and creating a unique piece. After years of having a career in Broadcasting and now being at home and raising my children I've come full circle and started creating and enjoying making again. To be able to empower women and give them that feeling of being special is the icing on the cake.

Samantha Holmes- Owner of Morris Millinery